ultra compact surface countertops Lake Elmo, MN

Find Ultra Compact Surface Countertops near Lake Elmo & St. Paul, MN

Definitude installs this new, durable product

Ultra compact surfaces are one of the newer materials to join the countertop market. Definitude LLC offers ultra compact surface countertops in the St. Paul, Lake Elmo, and Twin Cities, Minnesota areas.

Ultra compact surfaces came out a few years ago. They're comprised of traces of glass, porcelain and quartz that are fused together. The end result is a dense and strong material. Contact Definitude today to learn more about solid surface countertops.

5 reasons to love ultra compact surfaces

Ultra compact surfaces use natural and recyclable materials. They're becoming a popular option for countertops thanks to being:

  1. Resistant to scratches and wear
  2. Resistant to high temperatures
  3. Waterproof
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Lightweight and easy to install

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